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High-end applications and processing technology of silica powder (ultrafine quartz powder), such as semiconductor chip packaging, copper-clad plate preparation, etc., are important areas of research and development at EPIC. EPIC’s ball mill classification production line, Jet mill, air classifier, etc., are widely used in the fine processing of silica powder, greatly promoting the application field expansion, technical progress, and industrial upgrading of ultrafine quartz and related products.

EPIC always keeps in mind the mission of “finer material for a better world”, adheres to the values of “compliance and trust, harmony and coexistence”, constantly improves and innovates, and strives to base itself on the market with advanced technology, professional technology, and stable quality to promote the long-term development of the company.

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In addition to glass, ceramics, and plates, what new fields can quartz powder be applied to?

Quartz powder is tough and durable. It is also chemically stable. It is a silicate mineral with the main part ...
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Application, processing technology and development trends of silica powder

Microsilica powder comes from natural quartz (SiO2) or fused quartz. The fused quartz is amorphous SiO2 made by melting and ...
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The surface modification effect of silica powder will determine its quality

Silica powder itself is a polar and hydrophilic substance. It has different interface properties with the polymer matrix and has ...
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High purity quartz sand purification, the most difficult to get rid of it is surprisingly!

During the formation of quartz crystals, some elements will replace silicon. This forms the structural impurities of quartz. The content ...
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Unveiling the Efficiency of the Quartz Ball Mill Classification Production Line

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What are the “secrets” for ultra-fine crushing of quartz with a hardness of 7?

Ultrafine quartz powder is a high-quality neutral inorganic filler. It has strong acid resistance, stable physical and chemical properties, good ...
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