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EPIC powder machinery has been engaged in the production of powder equipment for more than 20 years, focusing on technology research and development and product control. High requirements for product quality are also absolute requirements for our customers to be serious and responsible. We know that product quality is the foundation of the long-term development of the enterprise. Because of this, our requirements for quality control must be comprehensive, multi-level, and high-standard.

EPIC Powder Machinery producing machines are non-standard customized products. We select and design the plan according to the customer's needs, and make proposals based on the experimental data of the customer's material or past experience and data. After meeting the customer's requirements, start manufacturing. Therefore, our products meet the production requirements of customers, and we provide customers with comprehensive guidance and installation services, and strive to solve customers' production and installation problems.

About two months. Our machines are a non-standard customized product, and the production of each main component is put into production after signing the contract. Therefore, our production cycle is about 1-2 months.

EPIC Powder Machinery's products are very cost-effective in the same industry. From product quality, performance, price to our after-sales service, we tailor-made for customers in accordance with the industry's high standards. EPIC is committed to achieving the integration of production and research, while repaying the trust of customers with high-quality services.

By ship. After the production of the machines is completed, we first package and put it into a container, and ship it by sea. (Cost allocation)

EPIC Powder Machinery has a large technical team that can provide on-site installation guidance and online installation guidance, from receiving the goods to putting it into production, to solve the customer's worries.

Our equipment lining materials can choose carbon steel, stainless steel, and ceramic materials. Among them, the ceramic material can ensure that the product is not polluted during the crushing and grinding process, and the whiteness of the product can be protected to the greatest extent. At the same time, it is equipped with a metal separator to minimize the pollution of the metal and improve the purity of the product.

The airflow classifier independently developed and produced by our company is a kind of equipment for classifying materials under the action of centrifugal force and centripetal force. The grading granularity is controlled by the program, the granularity detection of the final collected products is carried out, and the obtained granularity report is sent to the customer for confirmation.

Our entire production line operates under negative pressure, which can effectively control dust spillage. At the same time, we equip the entire production line with large-capacity dust collectors, with a dust removal rate of up to 99%, which fully meets the dust emission standards, and can even meet the requirements of first-tier cities. Dust emission requirements.

The wearing parts of jet mill are nozzles, and the wearing parts of mechanical grinding are hammer head and hammer block. The use time is generally related to the hardness of the material, and it takes about 3-6 months to replace it once. A set of consumable parts can also be purchased at the time of purchase if required.

Qingdao Youmingke is a professional company focusing on the production and research and development of powder equipment. Our equipment has EU CE certification and meets the requirements of multiple industries. Whether it is technically or in production, we are responsible for our customers. The attitude to the end serves it.

Umincore is committed to creating a professional service team for customers, and after-sales service is our key area. We can provide you with a one-year warranty period and provide you with professional technical guidance for on-site installation. Every set of products will There is a set of consumable accessories as a gift, and at the same time, Umicom can provide a free equipment upgrade plan for the products you purchase.

After the production of the equipment is completed, we first pack the equipment, put it into a container, and ship it by sea or land, and the freight is borne by the customer.

Umincore has a large technical team that can provide on-site installation guidance and online installation guidance. Generally, it does not provide installation services directly. Local installation is the best way for customers. From receiving the goods to putting them into production, it solves the worries of customers.

Generally, we need to charge for the milling experiment, because of the cost of raw materials and labor costs. If the cooperation is successful in the end, we will reduce the experiment fee. This is our latest policy.

In the ultrafine quartz powder industry, we have many years of experience. We have a variety of equipment that are suitable for ultrafine grinding of quartz, and produce quartz powder with different particle sizes and different needs.

We have a variety of equipment that can be used for quartz grinding, such as ball mill classification production line, vibration mill, jet mill, and equipment suitable for quartz powder classification, jet classifier.

Quartz ball mill is mainly used to produce ultra-fine quartz powder, the coarsest is used to produce 150 mesh quartz powder, and the thinnest can produce 1250 mesh quartz powder.

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